We operates the teleport infrastructure from Mumbai and has a business development office in New Delhi. We are the only independent operator with a teleport facility located in Mumbai, the finance and entertainment capital of India. Due to high real estate costs, new operators have often found it challenging to establish teleport facilities in Mumbai.

  • Location:

Our teleport infrastructure is built in an “InfoTech” park in Vashi, located about 20 kilometers from Mumbai’s international airport. Mumbai lies on the western coast of India. Being the financial and media hub, it is well connected to national and international telecom routes, which makes receiving content for uplinking easier, faster and cheaper.
The “Infotech” park plays home to various other information technology companies including IBM. Our facility is located on the 6th floor of the InfoTech Park and has 16,500 sq. ft. capacity, of which only about half is currently utilized, leaving significant room for future expansion. The antennas for uplinking and downlinking activities are installed on the rooftop of the same building, which has available space for installation of couple of more antennas.

  • Connectivity to national telecom carriers:

Our facility is located atop an Internet POP, which has dedicated fiber connectivity (Reliance, MTNL, Bharti and Tata) from their teleport to facilitate connectivity throughout the nation. This connection is a part of the National Long Distance Network where its infrastructure comprises of 83,389 Radius km. of optical fibers over 1500 MPLS and SDH POPs and over 100 POIs with the local exchanges and thus, providing a pan India reach.

  • Redundancy and security:

We (Lamhas) offers full redundancy by having extra bandwidth for uplinking and having the necessary uninterruptible power supply systems to ensure 99.9% uptime.
We (Lamhas) has a fiber and VPN backhaul network and in addition to that, it also provides backup services through their secure private network (VPN).

  • Technology

Our Teleport facility is Equipped with spectrum analyzer, MPEG stream monitors, MPEG recorders, waveform, rasterizers and vector scope from Tektronix USA, Inc. to perform testing, monitoring, pin- pointing system failures and reporting transmission activities. The facility uses Newtec Modulators with Up-converters in (1:1) redundancy and 750 Watt Xicom HPA’s in 2:1 redundancy. It features MCPC chain with VBR for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. The MCPC-Ready chain houses Multiplexer for 55 Channels. In addition, the facility also has Multi Channel based play out Server, IP encoders and Mux for Contribution link. Three uplink antennas of 9.3 meters, 6.5 meters and 4 meters, respectively, are connected to INSAT 4A, INTELSAT IS20, Asiasat – 5 and NSS – 12. Lamhas also offers 3 SNG vans in Ku and C-Band that can provide uplinking facility anywhere from India.

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