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Lamhas satellite services ltd. Provides Convergence Solutions to customers looking for portable infrastructure to telecast live events. LiveU provides portable video-over-cellular solutions and is a benchmark for reliable and high-quality uplinking solutions. LiveU uses multiple cellular or other links simultaneously to seamlessly provide broadband channels optimized for live, High Definition (up to 1080P) video transmission from the field. They provide the most advanced range of broadcasting equipment for leveraging wireless network infrastructure as a video delivery channel, supported by a complete, all-inclusive turnkey service package. Lamhas offer LiveU either as outright product sale or as monthly rentals.

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Backpack Broadcasting in
High Definition, Anywhere, Anytime
LiveU’s family of wireless-based uplink solutions transmits real-time Standard Definition video using multiple cellular networks simultaneously, enabling new content generation for Broadcasters and Internet publishers. Imagine live transmission from anywhere worldwide: indoors, outdoors, while carried on foot, and while driving without line of sight or cable dependency.

Please contact for LiveU portable uplinksolutions:

LiveU Mumbai (india) Office

Tower 1, 6th floor, International InfoTech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400 703, India. Tel office: +91 22 41611701- 10, MCR: +91 22 41611717 Fax: +91 22 41611750

LiveU Delhi (india) Office

204, 2nd Floor, Uday Plaza, 16A Uday Park,
New Delhi-110049
Tel: 11 – 46057398 Fax: 11 – 46057399


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