Network Channels Organization Services

Lamhas offers Multi Channels per Carrier (MCPC) and Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) uplinking services for broadcasters and telecommunication providers using state of the art infrastructure imported from Harmonics, USA. The teleport solutions include both Digital Video Broadcasting (DVBS and DVBS2) facility and the video transmission can be done in either Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition format (HD).

Currently, Lamhas offers MCPC platforms on the Insat-4A (provided by State owned agency ISRO) servicing twelve channels via an 18 MHZ transponder leased from ISRO using the C band. It also offers SCPC uplinking services for point to point transmission or for broadcasting. These uplinking services are provided on either full-time or occasional-use basis. Generally, the full-time service is based on long term contracts with average tenors of 3 years, which makes future revenues more predictable.

As part of the current growth initiative, Lamhas has already secured a quarter-transponder (9MHz) capacity on IntelSat IS-20, through which it plans to host nine channels.

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