Occasional Use Services

Lamhas provides Occasional Use (OU) service to content producers who need live broadcasting of events like news, sports, entertainment, elections etc. directly from the event location. Lamhas has a fleet of three mobile vans that are fully equipped with uplinking infrastructure using Ku and C-Band frequencies that have a cumulative capacity of about 7 MHZ. They are available for daily, weekly or monthly rentals anywhere in India. On an average these vans are rented for about a hundred days per van per year. Lamhas also provides trained engineering staff necessary to ensure uninterrupted services.

SNG vans in Ku and C-Band are readily available on hire for live event coverage, News Gathering and other occasional broadcast needs as and when required anywhere in the Country. Along with DSNG Van our trained engineering staff is provided.


All our DSNG/OB Vans are equipped with latest technology like MPEG-4 Encoding, DVB-S/DVB-S2 and Encryption using C band 0r Ku band.

Customers and partners /Channels:

Major devotional channels like Astha, Sanskar etc. is using our SNG fleet for its various all over India live coverage.

Satellite and Bandwidth:

NSS12: we have 3 MHz bandwidth in NSS12 Satellite for our Ku band SNG fleet.

Asia Sat5: we have 2 Mhz bandwidth in Asia Sat 5 for our C band SNG fleet.

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