Zixi Broadcaster

Zixi Broadcaster
Professional, High Quality Internet Video Delivery Platform:


Zixi Broadcaster is the central control capability in the Zixi Internet video delivery platform. Running in the cloud or on a customer’s premises, Zixi Broadcaster accepts encoded video from Zixi Feeder, manages, stores and routes output to Zixi Receiver and, optionally, directly to end user devices. Zixi Broadcaster is part of an intelligent and flexible video transport management and distribution platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of broadcasters, sports networks and video distribution service providers. Zixi Broadcaster makes it possible for content producers to integrate Internet transport into their production systems quickly and cost-effectively. With Zixi Broadcaster, content producers realize all the benefits of Internet transport including lowered costs, increased production flexibility, and insensitivity to distance, while being guaranteed video reaches its destination in pristine quality.

Zixi Broadcaster supports the following capabilities:

  • Communicates with Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver over UDP-based, video-optimized protocols on standard IP networks (including the public Internet)
  • Delivers video at predictable rates to meet specific application requirements
  • Able to scale incoming streams to thousands of destinations and hundreds of output streams
  • Ensures continuous uptime with clustering and load balancing capabilities
  • Dynamically adjusts stream flow to adjust to changing network conditions
  • Captures statistical information in real-time
  • Can be remotely accessed via the web for monitoring and management.

The benefits of using Zixi Broadcaster include:

  • Guaranteed delivery of video with the quality originally specified at the entry point
  • Elimination of distance as a factor in production
  • Ability to distribute content to multiple sites live with low latency

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