Mission, Vision & Values


Continuously striving to be at the forefront of Leading India in the digital age. We aim to ensure the benefits of telecommunications reach every rural and urban corner of the country alike. We intend to make sure India leads in the field of innovation and adapting cutting edge digital technology.

We believe in Giving Back to Our Society

Committed to providing exceptional services and resources to the societies we serve seeking access to the world of information.

Nurturing Long- Term Relationships

The high calibre services we provide at LAMHAS goes simultaneous to the added value benefits our clients and partners enjoy, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship with them helping us to grow together in the Indian Market.

Strategic Choice behind Our Location

LAMHAS teleport infrastructure is built in an “InfoTech” park in Vashi, located about 20 kilometres from Mumbai’s international airport. The city of Mumbai lies on the western coast of India and is known to be the financial and media hub; hence, it is well connected to national and international telecom routes, making the acquisition of content for uplink easier, faster and cheaper.The antennas for uplink and downlink activities are installed on the rooftop of the same building.
The “Infotech” park also plays home to various other information technology companies including IBM, India.


Located on the 6th floor of the InfoTech Park, our facility has 16,500 sq. ft. capacity, of which only about half is currently utilized, in addition to which, there is room for installation of a couple more antennas on the rooftop of the building, leaving significant scope for future expansion.