Lamhas offers multi-channel uplinking services, thru the state-of-art Encoders, Stat Mux, Mux, Matrix, International Video Gateway, Modulators, Upconverters and NMS (Network Management System) from Scopus Network ……Read More


The spectrum of downlinking of international channel includes getting legal permission from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (India) and further downlinking from our state-of-the-art facility(Teleport) based in Mumbai……Read More

SNG Fleet

SNG vans in Ku and C-Band are readily available on hire for live event coverage, news application and other broadcast needs wherever they happen. Based in Bombay, we provide our services in the entire country…..Read More

Other Services

Our aim is to deliver custom made solutions that are of the highest quality and provide value for money to our clients like broadcasters and media organizations…..Read More


INSAT – 4A is an exclusive communication satellite intended for providing high quality television, telecommunication, broadcasting services and is the first satellite to be launched in the INSAT-4 series. Weighing about 3120 kg at the lift-off, INSAT-4A carries 24 high power transponders – 12 operating in the Ku-band frequency and 12 in normal C-band. This satellite is launched during May-June, 2005 by Ariane-V Launch Vehicle from French Guiana. INSAT-4A is located at 83* E Longitude in the Geostationary orbit…Read More