Products and Services

Network Channels Organization Services
Lamhas offers Multi Channels per Carrier (MCPC) and Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) uplinking services for broadcasters and telecommunication providers using state of the art infrastructure imported from Harmonics, USA. The teleport solutions include both Digital Video Broadcasting (DVBS and DVBS2) facility and the video transmission can be done in either Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition format (HD).

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Occasional Use services

Lamhas provides Occasional Use (OU) service to content producers who need live broadcasting of events like news, sports, entertainment, elections etc. directly from the event location. Lamhas has a fleet of three mobile vans that are fully equipped with uplinking infrastructure using Ku and C-Band frequencies that have a cumulative capacity of about 7 MHZ. Read More…


Content Distribution and Aggregation Services

Lamhas has set up infrastructure which supports downlinking of international channels and distributing them across various platforms like DTH, IPTV, and MSO/Cable Network in India. The current downlinking setup uses TX/RX satellite antennas that are able to receive broadcasts from content providers/ broadcasters globally. In addition, Lamhas also provides integration services and distribution of content to end consumers through a network of MSOs, DTH operators, and telecom carriers. Read More…

Convergent Solutions

Lamhas Provides Convergence Solutions to customers looking for portable infrastructure to telecast live events. Lamhas has partnered with an Israeli company called Live U that provides portable video-over-cellular solutions and is a benchmark for reliable and high-quality uplinking solutions. Live U uses multiple cellular or other links simultaneously to seamlessly provide broadband channels optimized for live, High Definition (up to 1080P) video transmission from the field. They provide the most advanced range of broadcasting equipment for leveraging wireless network infrastructure as a video delivery channel, supported by a complete, all-inclusive turnkey service package. Lamhas offer Live U either as outright product sale or as monthly rentals.

LiveU field Units

  • LU500
    The Ultimate Lightweight Unit for Professional Newsgathering
  • LU400
    Broadcast-quality, HD video Transmission from a Compact, Lightweight Uplink Unit
  • LU200
    Ultra-Small Field Unit, Compatible with Any Camera
  • LU700
    The Hybrid Video Uplink System for Vehicles and Fixed Locations
  • LU70
    The Definitive Professional-Grade Transmission System
  • LiveU DataBridge
    Bonded Wireless / Broadband for Data-on-the-Go
Mobile Apps
  • LU-Smart
    Bringing Bonded Transmission to Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • LU-Lite
    Fast and Reliable File Transfer and Live Video via your Laptop
External Antenna
  • LiveU Xtender
    External Antenna for Extra-Strong Resiliency in Extreme Scenarios

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