Teleports are the ground-based components of the global satellite network. They provide terrestrial networks with access to satellite transponders in orbit 22,500 miles (36,200 km) above the Equator.

Accessing satellites may be what distinguishes teleports from other communications service providers, but it is only part of their service offering. Teleports are the channels by which satellite can be integrated into complex networks involving fiber, microwave, wireless and mobile technologies in order to expand their reach beyond the edge of the network, broadcast one-to-many, or feed bandwidth hungry applications.

Teleport operators have become experts at bridging incompatible systems and solving difficult problems in content delivery and end-to-end networking. They know how to simplify the complexities of space based networks in order to make satellite links part of the network routing infrastructure. They are among the world’s leading experts in adapting the Internet Protocol technology for high-latency circuits, “push” applications and several other uses that were never envisioned by the developers of the Internet Protocol. The expertise the teleport operators have developed increasingly enables them to win business that involves no satellite at all, whether it is providing hosted mobile switching or managing video distribution on terrestrial networks. Various participants operate teleport facilities within the broadcasting distribution and supply chain. They operate these facilities as a part of their core offering or as a supplementary service.

Teleports play an important role in telecommunication via the global satellite network. They are a medium through which data can be transmitted between satellite and a complex network of fiber, microwave, mobile and wireless technologies. They form an important link in the point to multipoint communication systems by uplinking and downlinking data and content to and from the satellite. Over the years, teleports have found uses in defense, retail and other industries, above and beyond media broadcasting.
Lamhas Satellite Services Limited is an independent teleport operator with facilities in Mumbai, India. Their network comprises of satellite and terrestrial fiber connectivity through which they offer high-quality and flexible distribution services for content providers. Since commencing operations in 2009, Lamhas has offered content uplinking services to Indian broadcasters and distribution service to foreign broadcasters. Currently, we operate in four different business segments: