MCPC Platform

​Platform on Insat-4A supported by our partner ISRO

Platform on IS 20 supported by Intelsat

Platform on GSAT 17 supported by ISRO​

SCPC Platform

Full Time or Occasional Use Provision
Duration for Full Time use- 3 years (recommended)

Current Growth Strategy– Secured transponder bandwidth on GSAT 17 from ISRO to uplink from Lamhas Hyderabad teleport.

LAMHAS is established as the only independent operator supporting a teleport facility in the finance and entertainment capital of India i.e. Mumbai. While initially the teleport infrastructure was being operated from Mumbai solely, Lamhas has expanded its teleport operations to Hyderabad as well. Apart from the two abovementioned cities, the company also has its business development office located in the capital, New Delhi.

  • Connectivity to national telecom carriers

    The facility is located atop an Internet POP, having dedicated fiber connectivity (Reliance, MTNL, Bharti and Tata) from its teleport to facilitate connectivity throughout India and internationally. This connection is a part of the National Long Distance Network with its infrastructure comprising of 83,389 radius kilometres of optical fibres over 1500 MPLS and SDH POPs and over 100 POIs with the local exchanges and thus, providing a pan India reach.

  • Redundancy and security

    Full Redundancy supported by having extra bandwidth for uplink and having the necessary uninterruptible power supply systems to ensure 99.9% uptime. Lamhas maintains a fiber and VPN backhaul network as well as backup services through our secure private network (VPN).

  • Technology

    At Lamhas Teleport Facilities, carrying out activities related to performing tests, monitoring, pin-pointing system failures and reporting transmission, is made feasible due to these backend technologies available in-house from Tektronix USA

  • Spectrum Analyser
  • MPEG Stream Monitors
  • MPEG Recorders
  • Vector Scope

                For Redundancy purpose, the facility is equipped with:

  • Novelsat Modulators with Up Converters- 1:1 Redundancy
  • 750 Watt Xicom HPA- 2:1 Redundancy

The Multiple Channels per Carrier (MCPC) Chain, which houses Multiplexers for 55 Channels, is featured with VBR for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Additionally, the facility also has Multi Channel based play out Server, IP encoders and Mux for Contribution link.

To support Uplink Services, 3 uplink antennas of 9.3 meters, 6.5 meters and 4 meters are connected to INSAT-4A, INTELSAT IS-20, ASAISAT-5/NSS-12, respectively. Also, 3 SNG vans in Ku-Band and C-Band, capable of providing uplink services anywhere in India, are offered by Lamhas.

Lamhas teleport is equipped with test and measuring equipment like Spectrum analyser from Agilent and MPEG/DVB Stream Analyser, MPEG recorders and vector scope to calibrate, monitor, get accurate reports and to maintain high signal quality. Additionally, the company’s MCPC System is supported by latest High-Tech equipment- Harmonic Encoders & Statistical Multiplexers with automatic redundancy control system.

  • MCPC System
  • Multi Channel uplink supported in MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 using DVB-S2


  • Novelsat Modulators cum Up-converters- 1:1 redundancy
  • 750 Watt Xicom HPA’s- 2:1 redundancy
  • 9.3 Meter C-band uplink antenna
  • MCPC System
  • Multi Channels uplink supported in MPEG-4 using DVB-S2


  • Novelsat Modulators- 1:1 redundancy
  • Miteq Up-Converters- 1:1 redundancy
  • Xicom 750 Watt TWTA- 2:1 redundancy
  • 6.3 Meter C Band Uplink Antenna