Lamhas Satellite Services Limited is an independent teleport operator and our network comprises of satellite and terrestrial fibre connectivity through which we offer high-quality and flexible distribution services for content providers. Since commencing operations, Lamhas has offered content uplink services to Indian broadcasters and distribution service to foreign broadcasters. Currently, the company operates in four different business segments:

Lamhas offers Multi Channels per Carrier (MCPC) and Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) uplink services for broadcasters and telecommunication providers using state of the art infrastructure imported from Harmonics, USA. The teleport solutions include both Digital Video Broadcasting (DVBS and DVBS2) facility and is future ready to support Novelsat’s NS 4 modulation. Video transmission can be done in either Standard Definition (SD) orHigh Definition format (HD).

Lamhas provides Occasional Use (OU) service to content producers who require their events to be broadcast live directly from event locations, such as news channels, sports, entertainment, and elections.

Lamhas has a fleet of three mobile vans that are fully equipped with the uplink infrastructure using Ku and C-Band frequencies that have a cumulative capacity of about 7 MHZ, to support provision of these services.

The company’s DSNG Vans are equipped with latest technology like MPEG-4 Encoding, DVB-S/DVB-S2 and Encryption using C band or Ku band.

The vans are available for daily, weekly or monthly rentals anywhere across India.

Average rent duration for these vans, is about 100 days per van per annum. Lamhas goes an extra mile to enhance customer experience by providing trained engineering staff necessary to ensure uninterrupted services.

  • Ku-Band SNG Fleet- 24×7 SNG and Satellite Bandwidth availability on G-Sat 18
  • C-Band SNG Fleet- 24×7 SNG and Satellite Bandwidth availability on G-Sat 18

Content Distribution Services

To support downlink of international channels and its distribution via various platforms like DTH, IPTV and MSO/Cable Network in India, the infrastructure set by the company uses TX/RX satellite antennas- capable of receiving broadcasts from content providers and broadcasters globally. Furthermore, the company delivers integration services and distribution of content to end consumers through a network of MSOs, DTH operators, and telecom carriers.

Russia Today is being uplinked from Globecast on AsiaSat 7.

Distribution Services:
Tie Up with all major DTH operators like DD Direct, Tata Sky, SUN TV, Airtel DTH, Dish TV, Reliance DTH for Distribution of “RT” Channel and major Cable MSOsacross India to support distribution of RT via Cable TV.

The company supports Downlink and Monitoring/Recording facility of RT.