Services Overview

We have the state-of-the-art technology which is designed to focus on future growth as well as to incorporate any technological progress and vertical growth. The teleport is equipped with Spectrum analyzer from Agilent and MPEG stream monitors, MPEG recorders, rasterizers, waveform and vector scope from Tektronix USA Inc., for test and measuring equipment, to calibrate, monitor, and pinpoint system failures from time to time with accurate reports and signal quality.

We have Newtec Modulators with Up-converters in (1:1) redundancy, 750 Watt Xicom HPA’s in 2:1 redundancy and 9.3 Meter C-band uplink antenna with a 6.3 Meter antenna as a standby. We also have a 4.5 Meter Ku-band uplink antenna.

Teleport :LAMHAS teleport services include DVB-S & DVB-S2 solutions, satellite bandwidth, multi-media over satellite, TV and radio broadcast solutions,  HD & SDI video transmissions, C & Ku band uplink/downlink, SCPC & MCPC platform and management of SNG uplinks. Our services:

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Broadcasting :LAMHAS has been providing TV Uplinking and broadcasting facilities to many prestigious television channels. In order to maintain the high standards of our services, we have constantly endeavored to imbibe and implement the latest technology for the benefit of our clients. Our services:

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Zixi Broadcaster :
Zixi Broadcaster is the central control capability in the Zixi Internet video delivery platform. Running in the cloud or on a customer’s premises, Zixi Broadcaster accepts encoded video from Zixi Feeder, manages, stores and routes output to Zixi Receiver and, optionally, directly to end user devices. Zixi Broadcaster is part of an intelligent and flexible video transport management and distribution platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of broadcasters, sports networks and video distribution service providers. Zixi Broadcaster makes it possible for content producers to integrate Internet transport into their production systems quickly and cost-effectively. With Zixi Broadcaster, content producers realize all the benefits of Internet transport including lowered costs, increased production flexibility, and insensitivity to distance, while being guaranteed video reaches its destination in pristine quality.. The benefits of using Zixi Broadcaster include:

  • Guaranteed delivery of video with the quality originally specified at the entry point
  • Elimination of distance as a factor in production
  • Ability to distribute content to multiple sites live with low latency
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LiveU/Portable Uplink Solutions/Rental in India :LiveU’s family of wireless-based uplink solutions transmits real-time Standard Definition video using multiple cellular networks simultaneously, enabling new content generation for Broadcasters and Internet publishers. Imagine live transmission from anywhere worldwide: indoors, outdoors, while carried on foot, and while driving without line of sight or cable dependency.

Our services:

  • LU500 Series
  • LU400 Series
  • LU200 Series
  • LU700 Series
  • LU70 Series
  • LiveU DataBridge


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