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Established in 2004, LAMHAS was conceived with a promise to make India a leading competitor in the satellite teleport space and moved into IP delivery solutions as well, along with time. In the years that have followed its initiation, the company is well on its path to fulfill the promise made to the market. In a short span of time LAMHAS has become a premier satellite service provider enhancing digital connectivity and increasing Audio-Video flow within and outside India.

LAMHAS primary business operations revolve around providing teleport services. With state of the art teleport facilities in Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad, our services encompass satellite bandwidth, multi-media transmission over satellite, TV and radio broadcast solutions, HD & SD video transmissions, C & Ku band uplink/downlink and management of DSNG uplinks. Also, broadcasters and telecommunication providers can experience Single Channel Per Carrier and Multi-Channel Per Carrier uplink solutions using latest encoding and RF technology, which focuses on future growth.

Over the years, the world has seen rise of digital technology in all spheres improving human lifestyle. LAMHAS has availed this opportunity to provide television broadcasters with the most updated and user friendly digital broadcasting solutions for news-gathering, sports, and special events, as well as assisting business and corporate sectors with live streaming, video conferencing and webinar solutions to remove the hindrance of place and time. Medical sector is equipped with latest technologies to enable a healthy environment for patients of all kinds, with Lamhas digital offerings we take it further to ensure a healthy environment for doctors and healthcare professionals as well.

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As a service provider catering to B2B technology operations of our media clients, we understand their needs and requirements deeply. Such business acumen and technical understanding has resulted in our clients’ bestowing great amount of trust on us by giving Lamhas the responsibility of handling major events and channel operations, and today we cater to top-notch broadcast and media clients across India.

Lamhas offers a full suite of digital solutions which further complements our media and corporate portfolio. Thus, our core competence remains flawless delivery of critical projects to customer satisfaction time and again.

Backed by our world-class teleport infrastructure, the company has been able to showcase efficient, uninterrupted and timely completion of a variety of sports, news and 24*7 channel operation projects undertaken. Our existing teleport in Navi Mumbai and the upcoming teleport in Hyderabad substantiate and further instill our clients’ trust in Lamhas.

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