Be it the remotest corners of the country, the busiest cities, or the high seas, your Business office or factory, security, and surveillance have become imperative.

Video is the backbone of today’s security and surveillance solutions. The core of our solution is high-speed video capture, processing, and storage. Video surveillance systems are more intelligent and effective than ever, with cameras now offering critical functions such as motion sensors, remote viewing, mobile notifications, etc.

Lamhas is at forefront of offering the most customized and advanced security solutions and services. Our range of solutions includes IP, Wireless, and Satellite based video transmission and processing.

Cameras Over The Cellular Network

Lamhas offers plug-and-play CCTV Solution powered Telicomm, which can be installed instantly and can be relocated at any time.

Telicomm enables camera connectivity over the cellular network, allowing to connect thousands of city cameras in a single day.

Just hang the Telicomm box near the cameras, connect the wires, and the camera is ready to transmit the video to the control room via cellular network

The solution is best suited for Smart Cities, municipalities, Security Forces, etc.

Telicomm’s unique P-VAN™ (Predictive Video Aware Network – patent pending) technology utilizes machine learning combined with signal processing algorithms to allow video transmission from all connected cameras over the cellular network in an optimal and robust way.

Connectivity- Anywhere / Anytime

Explore new markets, create new business opportunities and expand your offering by getting immediate network connectivity from the moment you turn it on the bond box of Elsight.

The bond box will accept any IP-based network and aggregate all the available networks together to create a reliable internet connection, even where coverage is minimal. Put it in your house, on a moving device, or in a remote health clinic, and stay connected with confidence!

Drone Control & Operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Elsight provides BVLOS technology and communications required to operate unmanned vehicles beyond the visual line of sight.

BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) refers to the operation of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) at distances where the pilot is no longer able to observe the aircraft with the naked eye.

Elsight’s Halo drone connectivity solution combines multiple flexible communication links with advanced bonding algorithms to provide a modular, multi-network, agnostic communication solution that is ideal for BVLOS flights.

This state-of-the-art connectivity solution provides a high degree of reliability and safety, boosting your chances of obtaining regulatory certification for commercial beyond visual line of sight drone operations.

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