Broadcasters are catering to ever-increasing consumer demand for high-quality content which needs to be served at speed and scale across multiple devices and platforms.

System latency and other technical performance issues were critical elements in broadcast operation earlier, but these issues have all but disappeared. Powerful cloud and on-premise hybrid systems are now being deployed globally at a rapid rate with the need for flexibility and scalability as key drivers to enhancing existing systems.

While on-premise systems are still central to production, the cloud provides superior flexibility, ease of operation, and cost-efficiency.

Cloud Video Editing

Lamhas offer Blackbird powered Unique, patented cloud video platform For the rapid viewing, editing, and distribution of video by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Blackbird solution is the world’s fastest, most powerful, cloud video editing and publishing platform

It offers Professional video editing in a browser. Edit anywhere, publish everywhere, be first to market, scale effortlessly and flexibly, ensure content quality and drive massive efficiencies across your organisation.

Cloud Graphic Insertion

Television and digital environments are becoming more and more connected; as a result, the audience’s expectation for more personalized and entertaining content is pushing television channels to improve their viewing experience through the use of multi-platform interactions.

Lamhas solution powered by Flowics is the most comprehensive cloud-based platform powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content for linear and digital broadcasters.

Providing the important information or engaging the viewers with polls, quizzes, social media feedback/comments, etc are much easier now than earlier.

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