With the availability of plenty of information online, it looks that delivering video to any device or network is very easy, But When you realize that there are multiple platforms you need to support, Multiple integrations need to be done and even more formats that evolve every day need to be taken care of, the full picture emerges. Timely delivery and quality of content are the Key elements in Digital Video Distribution.

It’s no secret that good quality video files are large and bandwidth intensive. Thus, the growing need to stream both live and on-demand video is complex and has a negative impact on network performance and user experience. Flawless delivery of video across multiple platforms requires a sophisticated combination of behind-the-scenes technologies.


Lamhas offers Live Video Transmission and Video Streaming Solutions powered by LiveU.

Deliver exceptional video coverage, anytime, anywhere. LiveU provides end-to-end video contribution and distribution solutions with the highest level of quality, reliability, and serviceability.

LiveU broad portfolio enables broadcasters of all sizes to acquire, share and distribute high-quality video reliably worldwide. From the newest, portable production-level field units to smartphones, satellite/cellular hybrid transmission, and IP distribution, we offer a complete range of live video solutions as part of a seamless workflow.


Now deliver flawless broadcast-quality HD live and on-demand HD video content over the Internet in real-time and with unprecedented quality. The solution is most suited to multi-media delivery and consumption across a spectrum of industries.

Lamhas solutions powered by Zixi offer Broadcasters, enterprises, and video-on-demand services to use our solution to enrich the user experience, create new services and significantly reduce costs.

With 99.999%  Quality Reliability, Zixi delivers flawlessly more than 20,000+ live video channels in over 100 countries.


We offer downlinking of TV Channels across multiple satellites and provide RTMP, HTTPS or  SRT feeds for further distribution of content over multiple types of internet based content distribution platforms including OTT.

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