Lamhas in collaboration with HiSky offers Low-Cost Voice, Data & IoT Satellite Communication Solutions in Indian market.

HiSky is Leader of agile IoT networks, enabling businesses, people and machines the freedom to connect from any device, anywhere and offers affordable, on the move & easy to use solutions.

The Smartellite™ Network

– Ground Terminals
– HiSky Core: HUB Base Station
– HiSky 360: Network Management System
– Smartphone App for Android & iOS
– Global Satellite Coverage
– IoT & MSS Services


hiSky’s networks are designed to support a vase range of IoT and M2M applications in various industry verticals.

HiSky Solutions Features

Fleet Management

hisky’s IoT networks offers an end-to-end solution for all telemetric verticals, integrating with all system types.

– Logistics (ERP & CRM)
– Dispatching/ Routing (FMS)
– Maintenance (diagnostics)
– Driver connectivity (voice & text)
– Video (In & Out cabin)

Fishery & Yachts

hisky’s IoT networks are perfectly compatible with today’s regulatory maritime requirements.

– VMS & Location
– Support for E-log systems
– Catch Logs
– Hours of service
– Fuel consumption
– Engine telemetry data
– Two-way communications
– Crew & platform safety

Agriculture & infrastructures

In a connected world, IoT systems have become crucial for access, data analysis & control of all remote assets.

– Automatic Irrigation control
– Remote monitoring & control of assets
– Harvest and crop management
– Real-time alerts for quick & focused response
– Data gathering
– Network redundancy
– Fuel consumption, maintenance and location of light/heavy machinery

Energy assets

Satellite IoT enables improved efficiency and industry transformations for Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy providers.

– Real-time process monitoring
– Centralized monitoring efforts
– Site security
– Real-time alerts for quick & focused response
– Remote personnel Voice & Data
– Increased production & operational profitability


hiSky’s unique IoT network enables remote banking services in rural areas, giving remote populations access to everyday transactions while eliminating high-end pricing for premium satellite connectivity.

– Remote PoS (Point of sale)
– Remote ATMs
– Network redundancy

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