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LiveU Solo – The LiveU Solo video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera or any other video source to popular online platforms or any customizable web destinations.


  • Start streaming within seconds: just plug in your camera and go live at the push of a button
  • Keep more viewers engaged with a reliable, high-quality stream
  • Send a high-quality stream from remote locations or in congested network environments such as heavy crowds
  • Get out of the studio or away from your computer, or game system, and stream in HD from anywhere
  • Deliver HD live videos to all popular online platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch
  • Stream like a pro for an affordable price

LiveU LU300S – The reliability of transmitting 10-bit HDR coverage using a small-sized unit.


  • Up to 4 x 5g/4g modems for the highest reliability.
  • Dual SIM support offers a hybrid local/roaming unit option.
  • Up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth & richness
  • Compact & lightweight: weighing just over 2 lb/900 g.
  • Up to 8 audio channels for richer audio production.
  • Various carrying options: camera mount, cross-shoulder pack and belt pack
  • Rich remote production tools: tally light, audio connect, ip pipe
  • 2.2” display with excellent visibility & control
  • 2 license upgrades with robust configurations: LU300S pro, LU300S pro-4K

LiveU LU600 – The LU600 field unit has set the standard for portable video transmission, providing excellent video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency.


  • Superior 1080p and 4Kp50/60 video quality – up to 20Mbps
  • ~50% bitrate reduction – broadcast more hours on the same plan
  • Excellent performance at low bitrates
  • Enhanced field studio communication: Video Return, Tally Light & Audio Connect
  • 4 hours battery time
  • Dual SIM option enabling dual purpose local/roaming unit
  • Up to 8 audio channels
  • LU600 with external antennas: for stronger connectivity in low reception situations

LiveU LU800 – Changing the rules of the game: the first multi-camera production-level field unit for live news and sports coverage. The LU800 delivers mission-critical transmission for global newsgathering and live productions in native 5G.


  • Up to 8 x 5G modems with high- efficiency internal antennas
  • Up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth & richness
  • Multi-camera with up to 4 fully synced feeds & flexible unit/station switching
  • Rich remote production tools:Video Return, Tally Light, Audio Connect
  • Super-fast file transfer for sending edited footage from the field
  • Up to 16 audio channels for richer audio production
  • 7” ultra-sensitive capacitive touch- screen for easy unit control
  • Optional external antenna connections for harsh RF conditions
  • Dual power input (standard power supply & external battery input)
  • 2 Ethernet & 2 WiFi interfaces for more connection options

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Top Reasons To Use LiveU Products For Live Streaming

Start Streaming Within Seconds

Just plug in your camera and go live at the push of a button. No need for a large crew or technical streaming expertise.

Deliver rock-solid reliable videos

Stream high-quality videos by combining bandwidth from multiple network connections.

Stream live from anywhere

Including remote locations or in congested network environments, such as crowded venues.

Easily select your online destination

Go live on all popular online services and platforms.

Stream Like a Pro For an Affordable Price

Now get professional equipment and technology at affordable prices

Best-in-Class Technology

Flawless video – reliable and cost-effective (HEVC/4K/5G)

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What is LiveU?

LiveU is a company that provides a variety of Broadcast, Production, and Online Solutions, as well as developing some of the most effective solutions for live video coverage and broadcasting to almost any location on the planet.

What is LiveU Solo?

The LiveU Solo allows you to take any camera’s HDMI output (an alternate version with an additional SDI input is also available) and broadcast it to whatever destination you want using the LiveU streaming interface. You may stream to your followers with the Solo as long as you have an internet connection, whether it’s wirelessly via a router, over a network cable, or even via your mobile phone’s tethering features.

What is LiveU Solo Plus?

LiveU Solo+ is a professional-grade wireless video encoder that allows you to stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and other popular social media networks and online channels with a single click. The Solo+’s compact design and light weight make it ideal for mobile use, allowing you to stream live video from anywhere.