Lamhas offers a comprehensive and complete solution for Corp. Events, Sports Matches and Live Events like AGMs, etc. Be it Transmission, Global Distribution, Securing the feed, IP or Satellite Connectivity, Production Facility, and Customer Engagement tools, Lamhas provides an end-to-end solution.

Lamhas offers customized and cost-effective solutions for every requirement.

Video Transmission over IP & Satellite

We have a fleet of C and Ku Band DSNG Vans, FlyAway Units, and Backpacks to transmit the signal over IP or Satellite as per requirement.

Our fleets are equipped with the latest products to deliver high-quality video and a delightful video experience to viewers.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Live sports or Events streaming are rapidly growing and will continue to grow as the world continues to become more digitally connected. It also presents a huge opportunity for broadcasters, leagues, teams, players, and fans alike and plays a major role in bringing together communities and nations.

However, piracy in live sports streaming has become a major issue. It’s not uncommon for these pirated streams to be uploaded onto YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms as well, which is leading to decreased viewership on traditional Satellite TV channels.

Sports rights are historically some of the most expensive in the industry and sports has been one of the main areas to be targeted in recent years, as piracy has moved to a live-streaming model. Content protection here is an absolute prerequisite and is increasingly demanded by rights holders.

Lamhas, powered by NOVELSAT offers, the first satellite broadcasting content protection, entitlement, and scheduling solution with DRM based on virtually unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption.

Graphic and Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is getting very important for the success of live events. Lamhas offer tools for Streamline Live Production and Engaging Fans with interactive experiences for your live streams, broadcast, and digital properties.

The cloud-based solution offered by Lamhas provides an option to Create interactive programming to captivate your audiences and increase watch times. Feature social media comments and engage viewers with Polls, Quizzes, Ratings, and more.

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