Arvind M. Shah


Arvind Shah, along with his brother Manoj Shah co-founded Lamhas, which commenced operations in 2004. In addition to his role as the chairman of Lamhas, he is also on the board of various public companies. He is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange and has always been an active market participant. Recently, he received an Entrepreneurship Award from Kutch Shakti. Having spent a long career in financial markets, he has been able to guide Lamhas with strategy.

Manoj M. Shah

Managing Director

Manoj Shah has a wealth of experience in the Media & Broadcasting industry, especially since the founding of Lamhas. Being a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange, he brings valuable commercial and legal insights in the day-to-day operations and growth initiatives of Lamhas.

Shashank Vaidya

Business Consulting (Independent Director)

Shashank Vaidya has more than 30 years experience and is known for his area of expertise in various sectors like Investment, Project & Management consultancy, Stock Broking, IT & Software sector analysis etc. He wrote weekly columns on Investments in various newspapers & magazines for over 20 years. He has handled several consultancy projects for companies like NCL Industries Ltd., Visaka Industries Ltd., VMF Soft Tech Ltd. etc. He also has experience in acquisition of companies. He is involved in various charitable institutions and is a Trustee of a charitable trust.

Nagji Keshavji Rita

Independent Director

Nagji Keshavji Rita demonstrates a gigantic experience of 40 years and more in being involved with social societies, stock markets (market maker) and was also appointed as the Special Magistrate by the Government of Maharashtra in 1980. He holds the post of a ‘Trustee’ in various religious and social trade associations and has been awarded many accolades over the years, some of them being ‘Kutchh Shakti Award’ of the ‘VyapaarRatna’ in 2004, ‘Legend of Wagad’ in 2005 and Trinity World University of United Kingdom (UK) awarded him with a degree in Hon. Doctor of Philosophy and Gold Medal for Corporate Services and Social Work in July 2015.