LAMHAS recognised early on, the need and transition towards Digital as consumers altered their approach towards their content consumption by shifting to online mediums of information.

The company thus strives to ensure two keys aspects of delivering video content online- reliability of network and widened distribution across well-equipped as well as remote parts of the country.

Partnered with globally recognised companies to digitally connect the world barring the hindrance of time and place, the following solutions are offered:

News Gathering Solutions

Lamhas removes the hustle of carrying large wired equipment, associated with telecasting live events by offeringLiveU’s portable broadcasting infrastructure, suiting the present-dayneeds and requirements of broadcasters and internet publishers.

LiveU offers portable video-over-cellular solutions and is a known benchmark for reliable and high-quality uplink solutions. It uses multiple cellular as well as other links simultaneously to seamlessly provide broadband channels optimized for High Definition (up to 1080P) live video transmission from the field.

Experience the most advanced range of broadcasting equipment with LiveU, for leveraging wireless network infrastructure as a video delivery channel, supported by a complete, all-inclusive turnkey service package.

LiveU enables live transmission from anywhere worldwide: indoors, outdoors, while being carried on foot or even while driving without line of sight or cable dependency.

Go Live !

A cloud based and on premise live streaming software platform, Zixi supports broadcast quality video delivery over IP. ZixiBroadcaster is the central control server in the Zixivideo delivery ecosystem.
Zixi comprises of an intelligent and flexible video transport management and distribution platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of broadcasters, sports networks and video distribution service providers. Making it possible for content producers to realize all the benefits of IP delivery while being guaranteed that video reaches its destination in pristine quality, such as

  • Reduced Costs,
  • Increased Production Flexibility
  • Distance Insensitivity

Streaming, Video Conferencing & Webinar Solutions

Vu2Vu™,the market leader in Personal Telepresence video conferencing systems, offers a comparatively cost effective, higher quality hosted video conferencing solution that can be used directly from a desktop, mobile or conference room environment.
The Vu2Vu™ system can also connect to other legacy video conferencing and voice systems via the Vidyo™ Gateway. Each participant in a Vidyo™ conference experiences the best quality their connection will allow so that someone connecting via wireless in an airport does not dictate the quality for the other meeting endpoints such as an HD room system.
The use of video communication for holding remote meetings will result in huge savings in terms of time and money. Video conferencing makes it easy to involve multiple locations on a national and global scale when discussing issues and in fact tends to improve internal communications. The resulting reduction in unnecessary travel time contributes not only to cost savings but also to an improved quality of life for participants.
Vu2Vu™ allows you meet virtually, improve efficiencies, and save the environment.

Distribute high-quality video over Websites, Apps, Over-the-Top platform, and Social Media Channels with Livestream’s Platform and API. VimeoLivestream ensures delivery of your live and archived video to the said audience in the highest quality regardless of what platform you use for consuming the content.

Lamhas in partnership with VimeoLivestreamoffers complete webcasting (AV Streaming) & Post-Production solutions.

The platform allows users to view and broadcast video content using multiple camera setups over the internet alongside offering an ad-supported service and multi-tiered premium services.

Xtendx is a video platform providing a set of Simplex products to offer the following solutions: video conferencing, interactive video, webcasting, DAM and enterprise video portal, mainly to suit the needs and requirements of customers in a professional setting.Its solutions are designed to fulfil all enterprise requirements in the field of audio/video streaming and digital asset management.

The Simplex Platform offers companies easy and rapid solutions for video and other rich-media data. Designed in modules, the individual elements can thereby be elegantly combined and customized.

Medical Solutions

God Vision’s Smart Glass is a result of unrivalled new technology and high quality medical device imaging solutions. The image of medical device such as laparoscopy, endoscopy or arthroscopy is displayed on the smart glass. This guarantees unconstrained movement for surgeons to ensure high efficiency during long duration operation or treatment.